Cinimod Studio

Cinimod Studio is a cutting-edge experiential agency, a boutique lighting company and a multidisciplinary production house. Driven by wild and untamed creativity, exquisite design and an obstinate necessity to innovate, we transform space and experience through our daringly disruptive approach to the use and misuse of technology. 

Founded by artist and architect Dominic Harris, and led in conjunction with fellow directors Kristian Gilroy and Dougal Drummond, the studio specialises in all facets of content creation which enchants, engages and bewilders audiences worldwide. 

Cinimod transcends the physical through our holistic approach to the creation of unforgettable experiences which encompass all aspects of art, lighting, innovative storytelling and composition. Such experiences scintillate the senses through our unique cocktail of insatiable curiosity, inimitable creativity and use of bespoke technology.