Our Approach to Lighting Sustainability

An important consideration for all projects undertaken by Cinimod Studio is the environmental and economic impact of any lighting scheme.

It is always the intent to ensure lighting schemes are considered in their approach to the aesthetic, environmental, and sustainable aims of the project. To ensure that  these core principles are never compromised a range of techniques and technologies are used within each lighting project.

This is inclusive of, but not limited to;

  • Consideration of the most appropriate and intelligent lighting control systems; allowing for adaptation of light levels (and therefore energy consumption) on a day-by-day basis, a per-event basis, and on a seasonal basis.
  • Careful selection of luminaires and lamp type
  • Effective positioning of all lighting fittings to ensure efficient use of light where desired, but without excess in other areas.
  • All light fittings and control systems are selected for their efficiency, as much as their appropriateness for the project in their quality and reliability.

Due to technological advances, lighting using LEDs is now a far more environmentally friendly, energy efficient and economically viable option than other lighting technologies. LEDs now produce high levels of brightness using a significantly reduced amount of power, and are usually far more efficient than other alternatives. High quality LEDs contain no environmentally harmful substances, and with incredibly long life expectancy, the impact on the environment is minimised. 

By selecting luminaires from highly established and reputable lighting manufacturers, we ensure that the lifespan of the product is long lasting, as much as the quality and temperature of the light output from the LEDs is sustained over time.

Control Systems

Throughout all lighting projects Cinimod Studio executes, careful consideration is given to which form of lighting control system is deployed. Depending on the application, lighting control systems can improve comfort, reduce maintenance costs and impart greater flexibility. In addition to offering end-user flexibility on managing different lighting scenarios, intelligent dimming and lighting control allows for all lighting to be run at the minimum energy levels required. 

Where suitable, Light sensors and/or PIR control will be selected to ensure that certain areas are lit only when the space is occupied, thereby reducing the amount of energy consumption over the course of the day.

To ensure the most efficient lighting system available, Cinimod also acts to ensure all lighting control is carefully matched to the most appropriate drivers and transformers, to ensure optimum efficiency in all aspects of a lighting scheme.