Our Team

Our team comes from across the globe with specialities in creative concept, interactive content creation, lighting design, artwork design & fabrication, software development, project management, composition, sound design and audio branding.

Dominic Harris


Dominic founded Cinimod Studio in 2007.  His multi-displinary approach to projects and briefs is evident through the work of the studio, and he continues to serve as a key creative and director.

Kristian Gilroy

Creative Director & Partner

Overseeing all creative output from the studio and having successfully driven brand direction for over a decade, Kristian is fundamentally committed to creating authentic experiential concepts which engage, provoke and inspire.

Dougal Drummond

Director & Partner

Thriving on the narrative of projects and playing a crucial role in creative delivery, Dougal is driven to create extraordinary experiences that inspire a strong emotional response.

Ben Gander

Senior Designer

Leading the production and installation teams, Ben uses his experience in detail design and fabrication to develop artworks and projects within the studio.

Aaron Trotter

Unity Developer

Aaron is a Unity 3D developer whose talents are employed to create the studio's interactive artworks and projects.

Bailey Preston


Acting as the representative of the founding director, Bailey is the voice of the software and 3D teams, responsible for managing relationships with internal and external stakeholders whilst directing creative concepts and managing production.

Coriolan Verchezer

Electronic Design Engineer

Coriolan is a hardware engineer who uses his background in consumer electronics and creative technology to work on artworks and commercial projects within the studio.

Craig Moyses

Character Animator

Craig is a 3D character rigger and animator responsible for the set up and creation of movement for the assets produced by the 3D design team.

Daisy Hogan

Artworks & Operations Manager

With a dual role, Daisy oversees the artworks from conception to delivery in addition to working closely with the director, Dominic, on maintaining and promoting business development.

David Dessens

Senior Software Developer

David is an experienced software developer responsible for the creative real-time audio and visual software development for both the artworks and commercial projects within the studio.

Greg Durant


Greg is instrumental in the production of both computer-based and physical design creations and is involved from idea conception, to the tangible end product.

Gustavo Vasquez

3D Artist

Possessing extensive knowledge of CGI software, Gustavo is a 3D artist and visual effects designer who pioneers new visual techniques for the studio’s 3D projects and artworks.

Isabella Stone-Wilson

Junior Designer

As part of the production team, Isabella is involved in a variety of different projects across the studio, ranging from commercial endeavours through to artwork development.

Jerry Seong Jun Lee

Visual Designer

As the studio's visual designer, Jerry works on initial concept development and interactive design, through to digital realisation processes for Cinimod's projects.

Lia Ferraro

Senior Lighting Designer

Lia is the senior lighting designer within Cinimod Studio and has worked on a multitude of varying lighting schemes, with particular expertise in realising innovative designs for exhibitions and live events.

Maite Zubicoa

Senior Lighting Designer (Maternity Cover)

Maite is the senior lighting designer who leads the team to fulfil ambitious lighting schemes designed by the studio.

Miena Mizusaki

Lighting Designer

A talented designer with a background in architectural and theatre lighting design, Miena collaborates with the rest of the Cinimod lighting team to execute captivating and memorable schemes.

Paulo Melo

Creative Software Developer

Paulo is an experienced developer who designs software solutions for artworks and experiential projects within the studio.

Roisin Bovington

Workshop Assistant

Responsible for the smooth running of the workshop, Roisin supports the team with the building and production of concept models, final installations and artworks.

Sara Procter

Junior 3D Artist

Sara is a junior 3D artist and designer who works closely with the wider software team to develop Cinimod Studio's ambitious projects and artworks.

Stephen Keefe

Product Designer & Fabricator

Working in detail design and production within the workshop, Stephen is responsible for the 3D-printing department and also acts as a fabrication technologist charged with finding new processes for production.

Terri Cohen


As the producer for the experiential events and ventures within the studio, Terri is responsible for the management of projects with particular emphasis on client liaison, team coordination, budget management and ensuring successful delivery.

Zak Aseltine

Studio Assistant

Zak supports the Cinimod team with the essential logistics needed to keep the studio smoothly running, including the purchasing and procurement and supporting the team with all their administrative needs.