Our Team

Led by the three company directors, our team comes from across the globe with specialities in creative concept, interactive content creation, lighting design, artwork design & fabrication, software development, project management, composition, sound design and audio branding.

Cinimod Studio

Director profiles

Cinimod Studio is a cutting-edge experiential agency, a boutique lighting company and a multidisciplinary production house.

Dominic Harris


Dominic founded Cinimod Studio in 2007.  His multi-displinary approach to projects and briefs is evident through the work of the studio, and he continues to serve as a key creative and director.

Kristian Gilroy

Creative Director & Partner

Overseeing all creative output from the studio and having successfully driven brand direction for over a decade, Kristian is fundamentally committed to creating authentic experiential concepts which engage, provoke and inspire.

Dougal Drummond

Director & Partner

Thriving on the narrative of projects and playing a crucial role in creative delivery, Dougal is driven to create extraordinary experiences that inspire a strong emotional response.