Why Brands Work With Us

With exceptional news coverage, remarkable delivery from design to finish and bucketfuls of outstanding feedback, it’s no wonder that brands want to work with us. For further reasons why, read on!

For Microsoft Xbox, Cinimod Studio produced a UFO that was one of the largest and brightest man-made structures to ever fly over a capital city. Launch parties stretching across the whole of central London were in awe of this amazing spectacle.

Cinimod Studio brought EDF Energy to the London Olympics 2012 by transforming one of London’s greatest landmarks, the London Eye, into an interactive mood conductor that enabled the general public to express their mood on an unforgettable architectural scale. 

The Victoria and Albert Museum housed, Walk the Light, for Philips. Using a combination of technologies which directly controlled this innovative lighting installation, the visitor experience was transformed as they walked through the tunnelled entrance.

Cinimod Studio led Caviar House and Prunier in creating the physicality of the brand through a new central lighting feature, known as Emergence. Spiralling thirteen metres into the ceiling at the all new Heathrow Terminal 2, it captures the reimagined movement of a school of fish moving underwater in a playful reference to the brand.

Unilever Ventures recently invested in Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt because of the physical identity that Cinimod Studio had created across more than a dozen locations in four continents. Cinimod Studio is able to adapt their designs whilst staying honest to the brand across all the locations.

To mark the launch of the new Mazda6, Cinimod Studio allowed the visitor to truly explore the car’s sculptural form. Through the use of innovative software and hardware, the viewer was able to examine the lines and form of the car’s body by designing a motion tracking system that allows individual consumer exploration.

DJ Light for Endesa was an immersive public installation that gave visitors the power to orchestrate an awe-inspiring performance of sound and light across a large public space. The installation consisted of 85 giant globes of light, each capable of displaying a multitude of colours. 

Itsu restaurant’s brief was to capture the elegance and freshness of their brand, bringing new excitement and visual prominence to the stores. Cinimod Studio interpreted this into an ephemeral lighting sculpture that provides an adventurous, audacious and effective addition to the Itsu store design.

For Peru National Stadium, Cinimod Studio delivered an innovative interactive lighting control system for the Peru National Stadium in Lima.  Tapping into the collective mood of the crowd, lighting was used to establish a visual connection between the fans, their passion, and the game.