Globe Chandelier

Globe Chandelier is a scalable lighting artwork designed as a feature chandelier for residential purposes.

London, UK – 2011


Design & Concept: Cinimod Studio
Production: Cinimod Studio
Electronics: Cinimod Studio
LED Manufacturer: CREE 

Featuring clusters of individually controllable glass spheres, each capable of millions of colours, the chandeliers are made to order, and can be of any size and height. Cinimod Studio offers a variety of control options, including web-enabled colour controllers, thermal-imaging cameras that respond to the movement of people, and flush architectural lighting control panels.

Each globe pendant is made of a smooth glass finish, similar to the frosted opal glass from Murano, Italy. The internal light sources are high-performance energy efficient LEDs from CREE. All electronics are designed by Cinimod Studio, and tailormade per installation.


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