Cinimod Studio transformed the prestigious PHOS ART + DESIGN into one of the most advanced and flexible gallery environments. 

London, UK – 2016


Location: London, UK
Architecture: Cinimod Studio
Detail Design: Cinimod Studio & Blades Joinery
Main Contractor: Blades Joinery
Project Management: Zumtobel & Telesys
HVAC: Caswells
Audio Systems: Ideaworks & Cinimod Studio / North v South
Electrical Contractor: Robert James Electrical
Photography Credit: Anna Arca


A prestigious gallery located in the heart of Mayfair, London, PHOS Art + DESIGN was redesigned with a forward-looking approach, in which technological and structural flexibility was integrated within the very design and physical fabric of the architecture.

Meticulous attention to each function, architectural, and design detail challenged the traditional art gallery format, thus allowing for the curation and exhibition of an expanded range of work. Within the Cinimod designed space, the exhibition walls are constructed of a seamless white Corian surface, unique in a contemporary gallery design, which wrap around the interior volume, enveloping the space within an immaculate finish.


A specialised fixing system, developed by Cinimod Studio and Blades Joinery, provides a concealed fixing method which allows maximum flexibility to hang, suspend or attach a variety of artworks in different mediums; from ceramic sculptures and glass chandeliers, to interactive digital screens. Power and data are supplied to each of these points, with service access behind the wall allowing the space to evolve to the needs of the specific artworks.

Cinimod incorporated state of the art LED lighting technology and control systems which, coupled with the multi-channel sound system, provide for a fully adaptable and configurable space. The gallery is equally physically adaptable and reconfigurable through the integrated modular fixing system running within the floors, walls and ceiling.

Through the architectural and lighting design, Cinimod Studio have provided PHOS ART + DESIGN with a space that unequivocally demonstrates the gallery’s commitment to a truly multidisciplinary project space that can handle the demands of the most conceptually innovative and physically remarkable artworks and design objects of the future.


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