Snog - Islington

Within the busy Islington Upper Street, a surreal and colourful oasis of calm can be found at the Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt store nestled amongst the surrounding chaos.

London, UK – 2013


Client: Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt
Location: Islington, London, UK
Architecture & Lighting Design: Cinimod Studio
Main Contractor: WFC
Project Management: Building Constructions Solutions


Cinimod Studio once again reinvented the Snog store format to adapt to a particularly challenging deep site, whilst preserving the now expected level of design spectacle and lighting intrigue.

The use of high level controllable cove lighting, mounted within the bespoke ceiling cove detail, provides a dynamic wash of choreographed colour and movement throughout the store. The overall lighting within the store is produced solely from LED fittings, and a particular warmth of colour in the functional lighting provides a general sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

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