Snog - St John's Wood

Cinimod Studio were challenged to further modernise their multiple award-winning precedents when designing the St John’s Wood Snog store.

London, UK – 2013


Client: Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt
Location: St John’s Wood, London, UK
Architecture & Lighting: Cinimod Studio
Branding & Graphics: ico Design
Main Contractor: WFC
Project Management: Building Construction Solutions.


The interior design retains the same quirky reference to the ‘never ending British summer’ concept, complete with the grass floor, floral graphics and animated ‘digital sky’ lighting.

However, in a major design move, the overall interior, including the counter, benches, stools and merchandise display, are now isolated elements within the store. Comprised almost entirely of high gloss white organic forms, the furniture perfectly contrasts against the now infamous Snog matt fluorescent pink backdrop.

The soft and sensual curves of these contemporary furniture elements are central to the updated design, and for ease of reproduction, are made from durable, custom moulded GRP (glass reinforced plastic). This offers a robust and modular design that can be translated easily to each new store, allowing the Snog brand to grow confidently and exponentially.

As well as the interior design, innovative and unique lighting has always been a crucial element to each of the Snog locations. St John’s Wood presents and all-encompassing bright artificial sky window that creates an atmospheric mood throughout the store, framed with a traditional cornice to reflect the Victorian heritage setting. The animated sky is used to great effect, creating a warm and subtle environment that adapts over the day and throughout the seasons.

The opening of this Snog location marked an important step forward for the Snog brand. It was the first store to be opened following investment by Unilever Ventures and offered Cinimod Studio a new challenge to take the design to new levels. Unilever Ventures invested in Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt because of the quality of the product, the recognition of the brand (created by ico Design), and the physical identity that Cinimod Studio had created across more than a dozen locations in four continents.


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