Snog Westfield

Cinimod Studio created the first Snog Frozen Yogurt kiosk, which can be found in the heart of London’s Westfield Shopping Centre.

London, UK – 2009


Client: Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt
Location: Westfield Shopping Centre, London, UK
Architecture & Lighting: Cinimod Studio
Branding & Graphics: ico Design
Main Contractor: Alan Nuttall Ltd.


The brief was to create an architectural identity that would operate from all viewing angles whilst working with the constraints imposed by the concession environment.

The kiosk layout is comprised of several main elements: the kidney-shaped service island, the long banquette seating, and the tables and stools. The main island is a striking organic form with a continuously undulating surface that is studded with LED dimples.

The seating area provides a welcome oasis of calm and luxury for visitors to stop and enjoy their Snogs, with a ten metre long banquette seat providing shelter from the hustle and bustle of other shoppers. The tables are topped with bright Snog flower graphics created by ico Design, whilst Marcel Wonder’s Shitake mushroom stools have again been used, contributing to the air of surrealism and serenity already present in other stores.

The main kiosk structure is fabricated from composite materials selected for their combination of flexibility and durability. A fusion between computer controlled cutting processes and skilled hand carving and finishing, allowed Cinimod Studio to achieve a continuously curving organic form.

The dimples are hemispherical depressions carved within the surface, in which LED nodes are located. Each individual light is controllable, creating perpetually changing light patterns that gently swirl around the kiosk.

Cinimod was responsible for the overall design of the space, working with specialist fabricators and suppliers from England, Austria and the Far East. As per many of the studio’s endeavours, certain components were developed specifically for the project.

The Snog kiosk serves as a strong example of the benefit of the integrated lighting and architectural design that Cinimod Studio strives to bring to each project, and the studio’s ability to deliver the correct mix of technologies to achieve the final physical result.

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