Adobe Summit EMEA 2019 Landscape

Continuing on from 2018’s immensely successful collaboration, Cinimod teamed up with Taylor Bennett and Hawthorn once again to push the envelope for Adobe’s EMEA Annual Summit.

London – 2019


Client: Adobe

Location: ExCeL Centre, London, UK

Creative Agency: Taylor Bennett Partners

Interactive Concept: Cinimod Studio

Physical Production: Hawthorn & Cinimod Studio

Digital Production: Cinimod Studio

Lighting Programming: Hawthorn & Cinimod Studio 

Music Composition: Cinimod Studio

AV Supplier: Hawthorn 

As part of our involvement in Adobe’s 2019 UK Summit, we designed a visually immersive and responsive seating area for the two day event.

Cinimod’s installation took the form of an anamorphic ‘A’, structured by pillars and visible as an ‘A’ only from a certain vantage point. The projection mapped walls displayed landscapes ranging from beaches and countryside to illuminated city skylines. In this way, the anamorphic ‘A’ installation became a nod to what inspires our designers on a daily basis - the complexities and wonders of the world, from the vastness of nature to the metropolis.

This installation was further enhanced by a small handheld ‘A’ (a reflection of the larger installation), which was fitted with an accelerometer - allowing visitors to interact with its larger version by creating movement responsive animations on the sculpture. Providing visitors with the power to control the landscape added a layer of tactility which was still in keeping with the calming nature of the seating zone.