Create Your Own Polo for Ralph Lauren

An interactive experience to customise the classic Ralph Lauren polo.

London, UK – 2016


Client: Ralph Lauren
Design Concept: Ralph Lauren (in-house team)
Hardware & Software Development: Cinimod Studio
Production Design & Installation: Cinimod Studio
Animation Design: Made by Radio

As part of a promotional drive for Ralph Lauren’s Create Your Own Polo line, Cinimod Studio was commissioned to provide a unique technological solution for a digital overlay of content across three controllable mannequins.

Set against the polo display, each mannequin presents a blank canvas upon which dynamic content displaying the various offerings and customisation options are projected.

A collaboration with animations agency Made by Radio facilitated the production of content that is vibrant, artistic, humorous and offers an engaging and memorable performance that compliments any in-store personalisation of the garments.

Cinimod’s bespoke software control and motorised turntable ensures the mannequins rotate smoothly and quietly, with the images dynamically aligning in real time. The method presents an artistic approach, animating the logos and bringing them to life, whilst including abstract effects and visuals in line with the brand identity.

The tailor-made hardware and software offers a durable, innovative and stable solution for the retail environment, whilst promoting optimum controllability. Phosphor laser projectors were selected based on their resolution, longevity, level of maintenance, heat production and noise level.

The experience runs synchronously with Ralph Lauren’s in-store personalisation mobile app (set across three iPads) and continues to provide a captivating and unique backdrop within the polo display.



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