Halo for Microsoft Xbox

Marking the launch of the new 'Halo 4' Xbox 360 game, Cinimod Studio delivered the most epic of public lighting installations.

London, UK – 2015


Client: Microsoft Xbox
Location: River Thames, London
Creative Agency: AKQA
Production: Cinimod Studio
Lead Design and Production: Cinimod Studio
Electronics: White Wing Logic
Helicopter Company: Helirig
Aluminium structure: Litestructures
Rigging: S3i Stainless Steel Solutions

On the eve of one of the most highly anticipated blockbuster launches of 2012, Xbox 360 celebrated the release of 'Halo 4' with a revolutionary aerial lighting performance, visible for miles, over the streets of London.

One of the largest and brightest man-made structures to ever fly over a capital city, the 'Halo 4' glyph symbol measured a colossal 50 feet in diameter, weighted over 3.2 tonnes, and was illuminated by 20 kW of pure orange LED light.

Devoted fans and spectators were treated to a phenomenal aeronautical show as the glyph flew over the River Thames, bathing some of the world’s most iconic landmarks in its amber glow.The glyph flyover brought the seemingly impossible world of science fiction into reality, and the soaring Didact symbol was the perfect way to herald the next chapter of this cult blockbuster franchise.

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