Hologram for Ralph Lauren at GQ Awards 2018

A holographic installation of Ralph Lauren accepting the "Design Legend" award at the GQ Men of the Year 2018 awards.

London, UK – 2018


Client: Ralph Lauren & GQ
Location: Tate Modern, London
Concept Design: Ralph Lauren & Cinimod Studio
Hologram Production: Cinimod Studio
Physical Build: Timebased & Diagon
Lighting: Storm & Cinimod Studio
Audio Visual Installation: PRG

Ralph Lauren’s 50th year in the fashion industry garnered him the deserved recipient of the “Design Legend” accolade at the GQ Men of the Year 2018 Awards.

Despite preparations for the anniversary event requiring Mr Lauren’s presence in New York, the GQ and Ralph Lauren teams wanted to create a unique and special moment for the honour.

In line with the innovation and creativity Ralph Lauren has adopted throughout his career, a holographic installation seemed a fitting method for accepting such a prestigious award.

Cinimod’s in house hologram design team, Cinimod Holograms, designed a staged box that sat independently away from the main stage and created a stunning piece of theatre. The design allowed for the physical presenter, actor James Norton, to stand alongside a virtual Ralph Lauren; the resultant effect being incredibly convincing to the eye.

Rear projected onto a holographic scrim, the audience was treated to an entertainingly playful display that was both innovative and charming, much like Ralph Lauren himself.

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