Interactive Windows for Level Shoes

Interactive window installations for Level Shoes in the Dubai Mall 

Dubai  – 2019


Client: Level Shoes
Location: Dubai Mall
Concept Design: Studio XAG
Production Design & Installation: Cinimod Studio
Interactive Design: Cinimod Studio

In collaboration with our friends at StudioXAG, we produced two interactive window displays for Level Shoes at the world’s largest shopping mall in Dubai.

The first window incorporated five motion tracked helices that responded to visitors’ movements, giving the viewer a complete 360 degree view of the shoes displayed on each of the helix shelves.

Mesmerising pre-programmed sequences played out to create an ever evolving view of the shoes while the installation was in its idle state.

For the second window, four transparent LCD screens mounted in front of the shoes displayed a bespoke ‘falling’ code. Using motion tracking cameras and custom software, this code could be swiped away by the viewer to reveal the shoe behind. The screens, frames and housing were designed in-house to fit perfectly with the brand’s aesthetic, creating an immersive and interactive shopping experience.