Nissan LEAF European Premiere

Cinimod Studio were tasked with launching the groundbreaking new Nissan LEAF electric vehicle.

Oslo, Norway – 2017


Client: Nissan
Location: Oslo, Norway
Design & Concept: Cinimod Studio
Digital & Technical Production: Cinimod Studio
Sound Composition: Cinimod Studio
Creative Agency: Edelman
Projectors & Event Production: Hopscotch
Media Production: Dragonfly


To celebrate the launch of Nissan’s next generation LEAF, Cinimod Studio created an engaging premiere which brought the electric vehicle to life through a projection mapped performance.

Eager to illustrate the sustainable 'second life' possibilities for EV lithium-ion batteries following their automotive usage, Nissan tasked Cinimod with realising a visual narrative which was both captivating and compelling.

Working closely with global communications marketing firm Edelman to conceive a concept and setting which exemplified the vehicle's innovative technology, the studio's in-house team used four high-powered projectors to map the designed performance onto a physical LEAF during its official launch at the Nissan Futures 3.0 event in Oslo, Norway.

Set in front of a backdrop displaying bespoke animations, projectors and professional video mapping software facilitated the illusion of the car travelling through playful scenarios depicting options for the batteries' various 'second life' usages.

A dynamic and energetic musical score synced harmoniously with the animation graphics and perfectly complimented the technical implementation, therefore ensuring an original and memorable spectacle.

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