Polar Bears for Frill the Frozen Smoothie

A cheeky interactive installation on bustling Kensington High Street to celebrate Frill’s delicious frozen smoothies.

London, UK – 2017


Client: Frill the Frozen Smoothie
Location: London, UK
Design & Concept: Cinimod Studio
Digital & Technical Production: Cinimod Studio
Physical Build: Cinimod Studio


Cinimod Studio collaborated with Frill the Frozen Smoothie to create a unique and engaging interactive installation for their window display in Whole Foods Market, Kensington.

Commissioned as a promotional celebration of Frill’s delectable frozen smoothies, Cinimod breathed life into their iconic polar bears, turning them into an interactive experience for passersby.

From a cheeky wink to a cheerful smile, the expressions of the viewers’ onlooking gaze were reflected in real-time on the bears, creating a playful and shareable experience which engaged memorably with the Frill brand.