British Film Institute

A lighting scheme to compliment the redevelopment of the basement area in the BFI Stephen Street offices.

London, UK – 2017


Client: British Film Institute
Location: London
Lighting Design: Cinimod Studio
Interior Design: RAW Brothers
Main contractors: Area
Electrical Sub Contractors: DPES Ltd

The British Film Institute, London, approached Cinimod Studio to design a lighting scheme for their newly redeveloped basement area in the Stephen Street offices. 

Whilst the basement had previously been used for storage, the redevelopment would see the space utilised as series of meeting places and gallery/event areas. The client requested that these spaces felt fresh, airy and connected to the other floors, despite not having any windows and only one main access point to the first floor via a new staircase. 

Cinimod worked to replicate the positive effects of natural light with that of artificial, incorporating faux light wells along the length of the space to wash the rear wall with fractal patterns of colour tunable light. This effect positively influences individuals’ circadian rhythms, should they find themselves in the basement for prolonged periods of time.

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