An interactive light installation featured in the Humanscale Gallery as part of Clerkenwell Design Week.

London, UK – 2013


Client: Humanscale
Location: London, UK
Design & Concept: Cinimod Studio
Production: Cinimod Studio 
Electronics: White Wing Logic

Eclipse is an empowering collective light experience. A full solar eclipse is a rare collective occurrence and with Eclipse, Cinimod Studio proposed a play with nature by enabling the public to intercept and interact with the visual moments seen within an eclipse. The installation offered the power of the sun’s movement to be controlled by the visitor as he or she moved through the gallery space.

Light responded in real time to the movement of people throughout the space. As the visitor walked underneath, the lights too swirled around the rings, passing between each and following the visitor on their journey. Shadow and light created waves of movements that followed majestically around the participants, creating a fluid light show.

The installation was inspired by the design ethos of Humanscale, and particularly, their focus on task lighting. Eclipse played on the concept of such lighting by providing localised lighting that tracked the participant. The installation was based around nine of Cinimod Studio’s Pacifico Ring interactive chandeliers. Each ring creates a circular band of animated light that mimics a solar eclipse.

Each Pacifico Ring used a combination of technologies transferred from other industries, brought together with absolute finesse and elegance. A delicate, high density controllable pure white LED strip sat around the ring, creating a white halo of light that moved dynamically around the individually addressable LEDs. Interactivity was orchestrated by thermal tracking cameras and bespoke software to create the immersive and playful experience.

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