Emergence for Caviar House & Prunier

A unique and innovative eye-catching installation for Caviar House & Prunier in the heart of Heathrow Terminal 2’s International Departures Lounge.

London, UK – 2014


Client: Caviar House & Prunier
Location: Heathrow Terminal 2, London
Design & Development: Cinimod Studio
Carbon Fibre Manufacture: Polar Manufacturing
Installation: Cinimod Studio & Vertex Rope Access
Structural Engineer: Tall Engineers
Electronics Engineer: White Wing Logic
Onsite Contractor: Powells Group

The lighting sculpture is named 'Emergence', and with playful relevance to Caviar House, captures the re-imagined movement of a school of fish moving underwater. It is a sculptural expression of the fascinating light patterns and shimmers that emerge across the collective bodies of fish as they move in harmony within water whilst reflecting the natural sunlight. This is physically manifested as a kinetic moment frozen in space and time, and re-animated through cutting-edge interactive digital lighting. These lighting patterns are controlled in real-time from a live physics simulation modelled on the complex movements of a school of fish within the ocean.

The audacious structure, comprised of LED arcs spiralling thirteen metres up to the ceiling, utilises a transfer of technologies from other industries, borrowing heavily from the engineered carbon fibre composites as found in the newest aeroplanes. In an expression of sensational form underpinned by exquisite engineering, the sculpture is unique for its form and is a triumph of British design, engineering and production.



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