Eurostar Paris Business Premier Lounge

A lighting scheme to create a Parisian 'home away from home'.

Paris, France – 2017


Client: Eurostar
Architect: Softroom
Lighting Design: Cinimod Studio
Main Contractor: Ateliers Normand
Electrical Contractor: Aintelec
French Architectural Liaison: Househam Henderson
Photo credit: Jack Hobhouse

Taking inspiration from a chic Parisian apartment, Cinimod Studio collaborated with Softroom Architects on the Eurostar Business Premier Lounge renovation in Paris Gare du Nord. Tasked with designing a lighting scheme to compliment the bright and airy interiors, the studio ensured passengers enjoy an improved customer experience in a space that explores what train travel means today; reinterpreting the relaxed glamour of past eras into a contemporary feeling space.

The lounge has been designed on a "human scale", with the lighting scheme working to create a cohesive and refined series of spaces within the one environment. "Wayfinding" and "place-making" concepts formed the basis of the scheme, which enables visitors to distinguish between areas of transition, and those designed for uninterrupted respite. As a result, the lounge's contemporary use is successfully balanced with the building's history, textures and traditional architectural details.

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