McLaren Thought Leadership Centre

The brief for Cinimod Studio was to create a lighting scheme that would match McLaren’s compulsion to innovate.

Woking, UK – 2015


Client: McLaren Technology Group
Location: McLaren Technology Centre, Woking
Lighting Design: Cinimod Studio
Architecture: Foster + Partners w/ McLaren in-house team.
Audio / Video Programming: Cinimod Studio w/ McLaren in-house team.
Video Content: Wing TV and Cinimod Studio
Audio Content: Cinimod Studio
Lighting Suppliers: Architainment, Philips, Mike Stoane Lighting, Pharos

McLaren needed to create a unique, experiential environment in which the world’s greatest thinkers could interact in a physical space where lighting, video and audio were so tightly integrated that the users became seamlessly immersed within the innovative environment.

The resultant lighting scheme by Cinimod is one of the most integrated and future facing schemes ever delivered. Central to the scheme was the belief that lighting should be fully integrated within the architecture, the highly technical lighting rigs remain totally hidden from the users whilst providing cutting-edge flexibility. Working with Foster and Partners, Cinimod developed the signature radial rings of backlighting within the piano gloss black ceiling.

Cinimod Studio worked equally closely with the McLaren team, creating lighting, audio, video components and the control system within the centre to maximise the integrated feeling. The video content across the surrounding screen is seamlessly merged with the lighting, while the 20 channel surround sound system enhances the spatial awareness of the user within the space, and forming a more intimate link to the on-going conversation, debate or performance.The day light penetration into the space is kinetically controlled by the surrounding panoramic video projection walls that rise from the perimeter circumference. During conference settings, the white light in the space is colour tunable to the complete dynamic white range of colour temperatures, effectively able to change the mood between a warmer and more casual setting to a focused harsher and more serious staging.

For the more theatrical moments, the white lighting fixtures are augmented with RGB fixtures, providing complete addressability of colour and light levels across the 4 concentric ceiling rings within the space. These are features which were used to great effect during CNN’s live broadcast of the 2015 UK Election Debates. Never before has lighting been so tightly integrated within the architecture and the occupants sensory experience.

The McLaren Thought Leadership Centre, a cradle of innovation and new thinking, heralds an exciting new chapter in the constantly evolving story of this great British company, and is an integral part of McLaren’s ongoing strategy to broaden the reach and reputation of its brand.

For Cinimod Studio, the opportunity offered to work within such a prestigious environment was met with the most innovative, calculated and beautiful scheme to emerge from the studio testament to the shared passion and skill of the design team.

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