Moose Bar

Cinimod Studio were commissioned to create a spectacular lighting scheme to accompany the interior refurbishment of the exclusive Moose Bar, located on Duke Street next door to Selfridges.

London, UK

Working closely with the client and their architect, they developed a highly integrated lighting design that combines discrete integrated full colour LED lighting with carefully chosen chandeliers.

In the main basement area ripples of light swirl around the club, pulsing hypnotically to the music, and revealing shards of colour within the timber slatted walls.

The Cinimod lighting scheme extends to all areas of the club, including the upstairs bar where warm white light edge lights dramatic panoramic landscape prints. Copper mirror ball pendants were deployed over the main bar counter, providing further warmth to the interior.

Key to the overall design is the integrated sound-to-light control system that provides a gently shifting lighting palette throughout the day and changing to a more dynamic content by night.

The project serves as another example of Cinimod Studio’s versatile approach to lighting design, and the results that can be achieved by making key innovative decisions in the design process.

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