The American Club

A collaboration with CADA Design to create the general lighting scheme for The American Club in Hong Kong.

Stanley, Hong Kong – 2016


Client: The American Club
Location: Hong Kong 
Lighting Design & Concept: Cinimod Studio
Interior Designers: CADA Design

As a prestigious venue, open to only members, the client required a lighting scheme which celebrated the discreet luxury of the club’s authentic American character and heritage, whilst accentuating the architectural features that would be incorporated into the complete renovation. With the goal to minimise the otherwise distracting reflections the club had experienced from previous lighting schemes, Cinimod Studio worked alongside CADA Design to produce a design that would amplify the drama of the space and its location.

High recess fittings and lighting techniques were used to illuminate that which would not reflect and distract from the club’s breathtaking views from its position on the 48th and 49th floors of the Hong Kong stock exchange. Decorative lighting was implemented to highlight the rich palette of materials selected for the refurbishment, in addition to enhancing and complimenting the relaxed glamour of the club’s interior.

To test the scheme, a series of DIALux studies and physical mock ups were created in-house, ranging from comprehensive analyses, to quick demonstrative prototypes. Although the majority of the scheme was composed from proprietary fittings, for certain areas, Cinimod was tasked to design and source bespoke or custom fittings. With a strong pre-existing network of contacts developed through the design and production of custom made artworks, the studio was successfully enabled in prototyping and testing the appropriate fittings before construction.

Committed to preserving the venue’s distinctive American spirit whilst upholding its status as a melting pot of cultural diversity, the resultant lighting scheme was one of sophistication and excellence, clearly reflecting the world class service provided by The American Club.

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