Turkish Airlines Lounges

A lighting scheme designed to guide passengers through their journey of Turkish Airlines' lounges at Instanbul New Airport.


Istanbul, Turkey  – 2019


Client: Turkish Airlines

Interior Design: Softroom

Lighting Design: Cinimod Studio

In what might be one of the most ambitious lighting projects the studio has taken on to date, Cinimod Studio’s lighting team, in collaboration with Softroom Interior Design, was tasked with delivering the new lighting scheme for Turkish Airlines’ lounges at Instanbul New Airport.

Split into five lounges (Domestic, Arrival, Business, Miles&Smile and Exclusive) across a grand area of 15000sqm within the new futuristic airline’s hub, the lounges provide spaces that lends themselves to an array of diverse attractions and activities. From suites to cafes and restaurants, playrooms, hobby rooms, cinemas and even a museum, the lounges transform an otherwise ordinary travel day into a journey and experience.

Cinimod Studio used their sensibility and technological prowess to design the innovative and iconic ‘Ribbon Wall'. Consisting of six lines of dynamic light guiding the passenger journey through the lounges, the wall is a technological feature that is unprecedented in the lighting business.