The presence of the trees add visual excitement to the restaurant environment crafted by Fusion DNA and provides an iconic reference point within the vast international departures lounge within which it is sited.

The captivating design reflects the ‘clearing in the forest’ vibrant concept of Wondertree. The trees frame out and enclose the restaurant seating and are visible from a distance throughout the terminal building. A contemporary twist on nature, the tree designs are a bespoke design proposal developed and delivered by Cinimod Studio.

Each leaf is individually illuminated, letting the seasonal hues of colour and light play softly across the leaf canopy. Branches with internally illuminated leaves constantly shift in colour to reflect the time of day, the time of year or to even highlight special occasions. As each season passes, a greater colour transition created from the pinks and yellows of summer to the browns and reds of autumn, adding to the visual spectacle of the restaurant and the greater terminal building.