Ice Angel blends the act of youthful playfulness when creating snow angels, with modern digital manipulations, thus allowing the participant to assume the role of both performer and the portrait subject.

As the user moves their arms, a new wing shape appears, unfurling from the shoulders, creating the angel traces within virtual snow. The wings are created dynamically and are linked to the participant, creating a performance proportional to the user’s physical extents. The artwork has a ‘memory’, capturing a hidden view of the participant and their angel wings, and this specific angel identity remains linked to that participant in any future encounters with the artwork.

The merging of angel mythology and the natural phenomenon of light travelling to earth creates an intriguing intersection. In modern terms, light is our messenger, allowing us to view the universe. An angel’s form is inherently human, yet an angel always originates from beyond.

In 2015, an updated version of Ice Angel was relaunched which, for the first time, incorporates sound as a central component to the piece.