Lisburn Interactive Floor

Commissioned to develop an illuminated interactive floor as a main feature of the Lisburn City Centre Masterplan, at the heart of the city centre.

Lisburn, UK – 2015


Client: The Paul Hogarth Company
Client to Cinimod Studio: StudioTech / IBT Group for Lisburn Council
Video & Interaction Design: Cinimod Studio
Motion Sensing System Design and Integration: Cinimod Studio
Lighting Feature Design and Installation: StudioTech / IBT Group
Lighting System and Control: Traxon Technologies


Contributing to Lisburn's social and economic vitality, this illuminated spectacle captivates an audience during both day and night. Secured funding from Lisburn City Council enabled the re-development and improvements to Lisburn’s public realm in key areas by delivering high quality streetscapes and shared spaces. Among the overall environmental and architectural improvements, the interactive floor was a key central feature. At 7m diameter, this outdoor glass floor disc has a highly visual and engaging presence, and when the 4000 addressable LED lights were coupled to Cinimod’s interactive tracking system it brought a new public joy to the space.

Cinimod Studio brought this installation to life by allowing the public to directly interact with the colours and lights via their presence. With the project completed, the floor now responds playfully to the movement of people walking over and around the floor, engaging them all together to create an ever evolving light show.

By developing a bespoke motion sensing system, designed to be robust, discreet and withstand all weather conditions, the artistic tracking of people moving below is made possible across the floor. The camera, tracking movement of people throughout day and night uses dynamic auto exposure technology and infrared illumination, is unaffected by environmental conditions such as sunlight exposure or low light conditions. Tracking is precise and reliable, which translates into seamless and organic interaction.

Bespoke, innovative software developed in house by Cinimod Studio feeds in the camera input and processes it to create beautiful ripples and washes of saturated colour, mimicking waves that form around the spectator. Light animations are further adapted in form and colour to offer additional effects across the day.

Bringing together the artistic innovation and vision of Cinimod Studio. the versatility and quality of products from Traxon Technologies and the integration expertise of StudioTech, Lisburn now has its own digital landmark, bringing together the local community and attracting visitors to its renewed city centre.



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