Moon Chandelier

A fascinating chandelier comprised of delicate crystal orbs with celestial reminiscence.

London, UK – 2012


Artwork by: Dominic Harris
Produced by: Cinimod Studio
Materials: Flat LED layers, Turned Acrylic, Carbon Fibre, Laser Cut Bored and Turned Aluminium, Bespoke Electronics and Controls
Dimensions: 80mm Diameter Globes, Overall Chandelier 800mm Diameter, 2000mm Drop

The Moon Chandelier is conceived as a play between invisible light sources and the crescent of the moon in the night’s sky. As one moves about the chandelier, it will, at times, appear to consist of nothing more than the crystal balls from which within a never-ending beautiful array of crescent shapes are revealed.

The chandelier is the result of a playing with light, form, perception and technology. The incredible flatness of the lighting layer, which has fascinated other designers, is used to great effect, except, in a radically inventive step, it has been embedded within a precisely turned and hand polished acrylic sphere. This marriage of flatness and volume is responsible for the ephemeral and mesmerising light that, at certain times, is invisible, whilst at others, appears larger than life.

Common to all work of Cinimod Studio is the attention to detail and precision engineering involved in the design. The fabrication is the highest standard, and the carbon fibre suspension tubes and milled aluminium top plate complete the sleek physical design.



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